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Guacamole Ban Evasion - 󠀡Nicholxs - 01-10-2019

Name : Guacamole Nigga Penis (GEMZ)

Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:462480015 -

Reason for the ban : Admitted to evading bans, plus toxic. you guys should be able to recognise his voice, it's obviously gemz and he's gonna keep ban evading but might as well try stop it.

Evidence : Sorry for the shitty quality video, hopefully in the future i'll do a better one.

RE: Guacamole Ban Evasion - Jester - 01-10-2019

Thank you for your report, the person has been convicted based off the evidence provided.
Feel free to add me  and message me if you'd like 2500 credits for your efforts to help our community.

For more information regarding the Credit reward list go to :