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momfucked64 ( | Ban Request - CIS did nothing wrong - 23-05-2020

Name: momfucked64

SteamID or Discord ID:

Which Server?: Jailbreak #2

Time of incident: 2:25 nzt

Reason for the ban: vent camp and mass free wound(threw nade into t side elevator) round 4

Evidence: check the demos i guess

RE: momfucked64 ( | Ban Request - ZoNiCaL - 23-05-2020

Hi, thank you for posting this ban request.
In the future, please clip the rounds in question by either using software like ShadowPlay or clipping the demo and uploading it to a site like YouTube. I would've denied this ban request if you didn't provide the specific round where this incident happened.

momfucked64 will be banned for Mass Freewound, Vent and Gunroom camping.
Contact Anthonyy on Discord (Anthonny#5473) or ingame for your credit reward.

(EDIT: Please also include the mapname when providing information so I don't have to do a timezone conversion.)

Thank you,