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unban request - JEFF (3) - 10-11-2019


SteamID2 (use to find):76561198865074755

Server or CTbanConfusederver

Which Server (e.g JB1): domination minigames

Reason for the ban: doxing

Banning admin: winnie

Why should you be unbanned: im very sorry for doxing, i promise that i will change my behaviour and think before action. please forgive me.

RE: unban request - Turtle - 10-11-2019

Jeff why have you tried joining on alternate accounts to circumvent your ban?

RE: unban request - LiveBait7 {IG} {GN} - 10-11-2019

+1 Should be unabnned
it has been a while since jeff was banned and I believe he wont do it again as he will learn from his mistake.

Minigames staff memberĀ 

RE: unban request - Anthonyy - 14-11-2019

You were caught ban evading 2 days ago. Re-apply in a month.