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Speedy's Unban - Sinister - 09-11-2019

SteamID2 : STEAM_1:1:149389867

Server or CTban:Server

Which Server: All

Reason for the ban:Bad Things

Banning admin: Anthonyy

Why should he be unbanned: Anthonyy if your reading this, you already know what happend. but i dont think getting perm banned was fair. he did invite people but he definitely didn't cause it. he had no idea he was going to do that please, if you can just make the perma banned shortened  and give him less of a punishment

RE: Speedy's Unban - ngl. - 09-11-2019

I agree

RE: Speedy's Unban - Dako - 09-11-2019

same. Smile

RE: Speedy's Unban - MaX-PaiN#Nice - 09-11-2019

People who post and are not directly involved in the unban request will receive a forum ban in the future.

Do not post unless you are giving evidence.

RE: Speedy's Unban - Nufty - 09-11-2019

Well I was invited to the discord group when they posted the nsfw and it was pretty weird, some dude with his dick hanging out. Really fucked me ngl.

RE: Speedy's Unban - Anthonyy - 09-11-2019

Nah he can go through the unbanning process himself.