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ds dark rp when - gada - 08-10-2019

dark rp. Fun for the whole family.

Server has been getting really popular. Both servers getting full.
Seen a lot of people talking about dark RP.
Could/should be fun? You guys have made some sick ass rules and built the server really nicely. I’m sure a dark rp has been though about / attempted already?

RE: ds dark rp when - SuBi ☁ - 08-10-2019

who's paying?

RE: ds dark rp when - gada - 08-10-2019

(08-10-2019, 08:57 PM)SuBi ☁ Wrote: who's paying?

I’ve got 8k credits and counting

RE: ds dark rp when - PMartion - 08-10-2019

in cs or gmod

RE: ds dark rp when - Counter - 08-10-2019

Gmod isn't as feasible as it used to be anymore, the game is run by the established communities on there with not much wiggle room for expansion. The appeal of Gmod has been mostly lost to kids playing fortnite and other games similar plus the machinima scene which was the main reason for Gmod's popularity has vanished with animators and content creators moving to Source Film maker instead.

But that's okay, we get passed that hurdle and we establish a respectable playerbase. But to do that, you need good server infrastructure. During peak times with heavy demand, the server will crash almost hourly without fail due to the amount of assets, props and other shit going on. You also need an almost constant admin presence as failRP offences a long with other similar rule breakages happen frequently and unlike CS where the issue can often be resolved mostly by elements like CT smoking freekillers or constant demo recording, you don't really have a lot of that wiggle room on DarkRP.

Then there's ULX, most admins on here probably have no idea what the fuck ULX is unless they also admin the TTT server or have past experience with it. ULX is miles different to sourcemod, you're moving from a command-line admin system to one that primary uses GUI interfaces due to how complex Gmod can get (though there is still commands you can run if you wish).

Not to mention a custom map to make the server unique, various custom features, custom LUA files, custom jobs, VIP perks etc etc etc etc. Unlike the old days, there's now a level of expectation on what a server has even on a day 1 launch because we've surpassed the old days of waiting for these features to evolve. But to boil this down to a nice and simple tl;dr
(08-10-2019, 08:57 PM)SuBi ☁ Wrote: who's paying?

RE: ds dark rp when - ONIONZZZ - 08-10-2019

No thanks.

Been there and done this years ago, and for a long time at that.