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ozMikal - ozMikal - 08-10-2019

Hi guys!
Happy to see Jailbreak is alive and well.

Some of you may have known me as Mikal. It's nice to see some familiar names floating around.
Been super busy recently, but I'm hoping to get on JB every now and again and catch up with some old mates, and meet some new ones.

RE: ozMikal - ONIONZZZ - 08-10-2019

Another OGĀ  Big Grin

Welcome home

RE: ozMikal - Smokey - 08-10-2019

See you ingame soon!

RE: ozMikal - PMartion - 08-10-2019

Welcome back

RE: ozMikal - CoiNz - 09-10-2019

Mikal you big legend glad you're still around.

RE: ozMikal - MaX-PaiN#Nice - 10-10-2019

Welcome back old friend.