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Unban Request 8/6/2019 - Ƨponge - 08-06-2019


Name :  Ƨponge

Steam ID :

Server: JB Server.

Reason for the ban : I commited a massy killing around 20 players 

Why should I be unbanned: I get unbanned tommorow and i wont be able to play the server for two weeks after today, i will strive to follow the rules and be sure to not break the again.

I say sorry to those who were killed during the massy that occured

My appoligies.

I Ment Un ct Ban By the way

RE: Unban Request 8/6/2019 - Jas8621 - 08-06-2019

Mass freekills like yours are never removed nor reduced. Please wait out the remainder of your ban.