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Name/Steam ID :Chute mi/STEAM_1:1:161384623

Sourcebans/ctban :

Reason for the ban :Hacks

Banning admin : Turtle

Why should you be unbanned : Because i wasnt hacking and there isnt enough information to say im hacking

Name/Steam ID : (≧◡≦)Kanna(≧◡≦)

Sourcebans/ctban :ctban

Reason for the ban: according to retro "fuckingretard"

Banning admin: retrodawn

Why should you be unbanned : i have no clue why I was ct banned, and all retro will say is "fuckingretard" which does not give really help me understand why I was ct banned, nor will he elaborate.

Rules: All Players

Use your common sense, these rules are to be used as guidance for game play and will apply throughout all Domination servers.
All players must adhere to these rules, finding loopholes or bending rules for your own benefit will see you punished with a warn/kick/ban.

1. Any unauthorized in-game advantage (ie: Wall Hack) of any kind will result in a permanent ban.

2. Map glitches that disrupt game-play for others will result in a warning/slay if further used. (all disruptive map bugs/glitches must be reported to our staff team)

3Respect others, leave personal attacks out. Any disrespect, racism or discrimination towards other players will entitle you to a mute/kick/ban.

4If an admin tells you to do something, respect their authority and adhere accordingly, admins are here to enforce the rules.

5. Any advertisement on Domination gaming or forums will entitle you to a ban, this will not be tolerated.

6. No microphone spamming (this includes spam at the end of the round) or encouraging microphone spamming, players doing so will receive a mute/kick/ban. This applies to chat spam as well.

7. Delaying rounds purposely is punishable by death. Further practice will result in a kick/suspension. 

Rules: Server Administrators
Admins must be respectful to all players.
Admins must respect the decision of other admins, as well as respecting the rank of other admins whether above or below.
Admins abusing powers will not be tolerated and will be punished accordingly.
Admins must make decisions/enforce rules objectively, without including any personal issues or past conflicts in their judgement.
Admins must not use their powers for personal benefit in-game.
Admins Admins must follow the warn/mute/slay/kick/ban procedure. Be tolerant with newcomers to our servers and explain the rules clearly.

Welcome to Domination Servers Jailbreak Shop where you can have a quick peak at all the items within the store before purchase.

Spartan Helmet
Traffic Cone
Metal Bucket
Baseball Cap
KFC Bucket
Coffee Mug
Viking helmet
Cat Ears
Andross Mask
Drink cap
Top Hat

Porcelain Doll
Sheep (Bloody)
Porcelain Doll Kabuki


Red Grenade Laserbeam
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Paintball Bullets

Hey guys, 10 year old seaman here  Dodgy ur mom gay you gay cunts
i hope you die in a fire

Name/Steam ID : friendly neighbourhood fuckboy

Sourcebans/ctban : ct ban

Reason for the ban : threw an awp to terrorists during skipping, nothing happened after that though, gun wasn't used. received 2 day ban

Banning admin : unsure
Why should you be unbanned : because that's a very heavy penalty for dropping a weapon once, also its my first offence

hey this is Ak-47-- i was banned by Retro i did have bhop scripts i paused them but they didint pause for some stupid reason i dont know if i can get unbanned but if i do i will never ever use bhop scripts again. but i thought they just make u jump why is that Bannaable Pls reply.\

Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh

This is a place that exists I guess...

Well basically, I got a ct ban for 7 days for accidentally joining ct, which i realise my mistake and joined back to t. I don't know why but i got a ban for repeatedly stacking ct when i ask the admin, they also replied that my mic is not working so u have a ban aswell, but now i bought new mic and its working so I believe I should be unbanned. You can guys check demo if I was repeatedly stacking, if i was then u can ban me for life.

The menu is just confusing honestly.

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