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I cant leave my gang there is no option that says leave gang

Name/Steam IDConfusedp0oky_craigy (can you dont) [U:1:430976173]

Sourcebans/ctban: ctban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: "Mass freekill"

Banning admin: Starbuck (kiwi) 

Why should you be unbanned: I made it quite clear that if u wanted to be "massy'd" come of the bubbler and onto the bullet sprays. As a result 4 out of the 5 T's came out onto the bullet sprays (I did this as we had just rtv'd and wanted to get to the new map but was willing to do a proper round if no one came out) I then did a "Mass freekill" according to the ban. As a result of this "massy" a new player to the game freekilled the guy on the bubbler. Also as a result of this "Mass freekill" "trash" STEAM_1:0:191698071 got banned for encouraging the "massy".


(last round of the map)

Name/Steam ID: pOLICE/STEAM_0:0:459072890
Sourcebans/ctban: Permo ban (Sourceban)
Which Server (e.g JB1): Perm on the server
Reason for the ban: My ban was for going to alt accounts and by being a smartass to my boy hyphen.
Banning admin: Pretty much the Admins and higher
Why should you be unbanned: KZG can get fucked, stupid fucking rules on their server. Want back with my mates that I laughed with. I understand if I don’t get unbanned. I’d like to have a fresh start and apologise for my deeds. At the end of the day, the situation can be repaired and I’d like for that to happen. P.S #freepolice

I love you dildo, plz forgive me



JB Server 2


Why should I be unbanned:

During the rounds, Kellen and Hyst told me to kill them because Hyst was eating and Kellen was busy. So I killed hyst and Taken started screaming at Dildo and then when I went to kill Kellen I accidentally killed Gran and then when I realised Kellen said in discord so I slayed. Then Dildo banned me and respawned me and slayed right after and said that I freekilled 3 other people. Honestly it was an accident  Angel

kill me im eating

Name/Steam ID:   Today/STEAM_0:1:456541536

Sourcebans/ctban: Sourceban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: I'm not 100% sure why I was banned, however I assume it was because I was using a bunnyhop script and was therefore automatically banned from the server

Banning admin: Console?

Why should you be unbanned: I didn't think that bhop scripts were against the rules when I used them but in hindsight I realise that i'm really stupid because any kind of scripts should be against the rules. I heavily regret my choice of using a bhop script and I'm obviously not going to use one anymore. I only used them for a few hours until I was banned and I would like to just be given a second chance. I will not be using any scripts of any kind and want only to play some jailbreak on cs.

P.S I apologize if my color choice caused any inconvenience, I thought it looked nice.

Name: Raymond

Steam ID: (Forum profile)

Reason for the ban: In a recent post by Raymond he has clearly breached international copyright law and I am urging the management team of Domination to take action. I would like Raymonds post ( permanently removed and his account temporarily suspended as a warning to him and others. So at the timestamp 0:47 of the video he made and posted ( Raymond includes a 'momentum networks players union' logo in the 4th box in the middle of the screen as clearly shown in the evidence below. This logo in fact was made by me, RetroDawn, in 2015 for my group the Momentum Networks Players Union. In a screenshot shown below it shows the Picture I had made included in the groups logo and also the only post there is on the page is by my account called Tara. At this time I owned the picture solely, it was never given to raymond, I also owned the steam group momentum networks players union which I also owned solely with Giant Talking Hotdog given shared access to, not raymond. 

I have claimed this picture as my own property and urge the staff at domination to have a swift hand of justice in sustaining and maintaining fair use of intellectual property which in this case it is not. In raymond's video it is used as propaganda and is used for defamation against the domination staff team. As my picture is apart of the video defaming domination servers I do not wish to be involved in any legal proceedings brought forth by the operator team of domination, which again is why I stress the pictures departure off this forums. 

[Image: WX4x4uN.jpg]
[Image: aBuMK9z.jpg]
[Image: vupnkLH.jpg]

Hello, I will start by saying ever since danger zone was released I noticed something odd with the jumping and parkour on some maps was broken and dodgy. I don't know the map name specifically but it has the massive elevator and looks like its on mars; well the obby on this map has one dodgy part were if you crouch jump into the small area you get launched forward and can't stop your velocity by going backwards

Apparently there is a simple solution to fix this and the command is "sv_ledge_mantle_helper 0" 

TLDR, please disable this feature as this is mainly used for DangerZone because it makes vaulting windows easier but is not meant for a server like Jailbreak as the original jumping mechanics are crucial to most map obby's. << Here is a video showing the command in action.

Thanks, AwE(Cosmos).

Players Union Incident Report - Police

This video is a result of a fact finding mission conducted by the Players Union.

Fuck you pOLICE

If you massy and make a ban request on yourself, do you still get credits?

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