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Ban Appeal

Name/Steam ID:     Undeys

Source Ban

Reason for the ban: Cheats

Banning admin: Console/ Onionzzz

Why should you be Unbanned:
 I Believe i should be Unbanned because i am sure that i was not cheating. I have been told that i hit 96.6% of my bhops which i find to be sketchy aswell idk how it happend but it did.

I was Kicked from the server about a week ago for using Bhop scripts which was Understandable and I learnt my lesson.

I know that your Probably thinking that "Oh hes done it before of-course he is going to do it again" but i did not do it again and i know that for sure.

I've Been really enjoying playing on this server and would never Jeopardize my Opportunity to continue to play on the Domination Servers.

Name/Steam ID: uwu ^_^

Sourcebans/ctban: ct ban

Reason for the ban: accusational "favoritism"

Banning admin: Turtle 

Why should you be unbanned: Because it wasn't actually favoritism, sure I say that my gang can do shit. But I don't let get away with shit. I treat them the same as everyone else. 

Name/Steam ID: tara / STEAM_0:0:78735976

Source Bans/CT Ban: Server Ban and Discord Ban

Reason for the ban: Doxxing

Banning admin: Turtles and Ivork 

Why should you be unbanned:

Basically what happened was it started off with Deandre posting his nipple in chat. I remembered that I made a pizza before with it so I decided to do it again then post it in chat. Then someone said to photo shop the nipples onto Magic’s bike wheels as a meme. 

I didn’t know his name so they told me to search up Sydney biker boy or something like that and then they ended up telling me his name so I found a few photos and photo shopped them thinking it was fine since admins were in the voice chat there and didn't say to stop or not to do it. Instead they were laughing and egging me on and was contributing by tagging magics and reposting some of the pictures. At no point anything was done to stop or punish me until magics asked turtle to get me to stop he never wanted me to be banned especially not on CS:GO and the fact that I am the only one that gets punished is just straight up favouritism. 

I like playing Jailbreak but this community can be really toxic. When I get abused or doxxed no one cares or does anything about it. But soon as I do something even if its small, its a huge deal and I always punished with out any consideration or full understanding that there where others just involved just as much as I was or that fact I was put into a situation where I would be pressured or egged on to do something

This is just a simple case of favouritism how I get punished and those who contributed get off the hook

Reason: because my gay and 1 year olded and being a dad

How Wong : for for year plz

Evendie: dad you know i am a dad

Big Biffa
Steam id:

 Reason for the ban:
My reason is that big Biffa has broken many rules and after so many ct bans and a permanent ct ban I believe because he has a so called “brother”which I clearly think is an excuse.Turtle has believed this story and I would like staff members to confirm there is 1 other person with the same IP address as him.he also can not be trusted to warden after copping quite a few ct bans there for he cannot be trusted.

Evidence:check the source bans for all those ct bans

Thank you for your time to read this essay


Toxic Mario

Sorry I put the wrong Id the correct one is right here:STEAM_1:1:430299552 bigbiffa

Name/Steam ID: mdk ( )

Sourcebans/ctban: Ctban 3 days

Reason for the ban: intentionally putting my fellow cts at a disadvantage (ignoring warden orders and starting the elevator on nuke map before the right time) 

Banning admin: Anthonyy

Why should you be unbanned: I 100% understand how stupid this was. I did not think before i acted. I promise to not do anything like this again if given the opportunity to prove myself

I am being muted by gracious for asking him if he could msg onionzz about buying perma vip and i have been asking admins and they never muted me and he told be to shut the fuck up and muted me

Sourcebans/ctban : CT ban Perm 

Reason for the ban : Because my brother has an account with a ct ban and we have the same ip and he joined ct while i was ctbanned and he got permed as well

Banning admin : i think it was auto bann i dont know to be honest

Why should you be unbanned : I got banned when i got on the server because my brother somehow had a ct ban when i was ctbanned due to thinking i had to accounts due to same ip so i got autamaticly banned, his accounts are, this is him we are twins but you can clearly tell by voice on mic 

Name/Steam ID: jeff

Sourcebans/ctban: 1 years

Reason for the ban: no

Banning admin: ivork

Why should you be unbanned: im very confuseing i kill somebody and i cannot be counter terroist? sorry for miss understanding sirs and women 

jeff  Heart

Name/Steam ID:
GSP / STEAM_0:1:447605897


Reason for the ban: Hey, i tried joining this JailBreak server because it is the only one in AU, and i got banned straight away, i checked sourban and it said duplicate account? Idk if it's cause someone had the same name as me (GSP) and got banned or it was a glitch, Im writing this here to get unbanned

Banning admin: 
I have no idea, i got banned as soon as i joined.

Why should you be unbanned: I should be unbanned because i have done nothing wrong.

Thank You

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