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um hi, originally my name was marone. But i've changed it to ayble because fuck u.

Host crushed plz help

Hey lads,

Gaming prodigies Posty and I have been a part of the community easily 5-6 years odd and haven't really gone for a position of power but thought we needed a little bit of recognition for our endless support and help we've provided towards the servers. #Mr. Trusted will just be a custom rank with no extra benefits unless you are feeling generous of course. It'd really mean a lot to the both of us, we come from easily the better CS:S community and both fought tooth and nail for or position there.

Thanks for reading, Rosenich / Posty. ((:

Name/Steam ID :Semtex / 213560465
Sourcebans/ctban :CtBan
Reason for the ban :Accidental Free Kills
Banning admin :RetroDawn
Why should you be unbanned : I should be unbanned because unlike last time, this wasn't an intentional massy. I joined the server and wanted to play some warden, and I gave orders, but for some reason my mic cut out, I didn't realise so I killed 3 ts who were doing the wrong thing, and then continued giving orders. It wasn't intential freekills as I honestly believed that the t's had heard my orders.

I'm sorry about this misunderstanding and I know it looks suspicous but im being super honest when I say that It was completely unintentional this time. Please consider reducing my ban.

Hey bitches , coming to kill yall again , see you soon.



Name/Steam ID : Gazza/steamID STEAM_1:0:186383700

Sourcebans/ctban :ct

Reason for the ban :massy

Banning admin : idk

Why should you be unbanned : Wasnt me that chucked the massy

+1 unban him

Tragic Jailbreak


hi, what is jailbreak?

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