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Hey'a guys cringe her I was playing well went to go play jb to pratice bhop when I got home from work on the 11th and I jumped on for one round went to rebel bhopped away and got banned, check the forums and it was perm ban from console so I presume it was my bhops that got me banned but I dont use scripts or anything and i'm heaps bummed because I love playing on the server and quite enjoy it and it ruined my night and I was wondering if I can get unbanned I know requesting a perm unban is odd and properly a ban that wont be lifted but I don't think I was banned for any good reason like what use would I get out of using assistance on csgo let alone on the only server and reason I play csgo, please consider unbanning me guys  :C EDIT: Name/Steam ID: Cringe

Sourcebans/ctban: None it was console so I dont know what to put here 

Which Server (e.g JB1): jb server 1

Reason for the ban: console 

Banning admin: console

Why should you be unbanned: because I didn't do anything to be banned i was just trying to get away so I went to go bhop away we where on Asalka and where sent to toxic barrels near medic so whilst we where there I was prehopping around the barrels and when ct warden gave orders to move outside I did two hops towards the roller door and then went right into a room with some dead guy still carry on my hops from the two toward roller and then as I enter the room I see its a dead end other then right so I swing right and hop towards the dead npc thing for map desgin and as I land from my hops I get banned < edit also just feel as if I needed to put the scene in there whether it helps I donno

Name/Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:2976847 
Which Server: JB1
Reason for the ban: "dud, tricked Ts and killed 90%"
Banning admin: Taliyah
Why should you be unbanned: 
Slightly unfair from what I believe from the admins that were on, what I did was a dog move, but technically the game does not require a demo, I just tricked the server and killed more then 10, so therefore a slay should of been sufficient in my opinion. 

Stated that the T's to stand on green, and pushed a different colour on the colour game, but as I pushed the new colour I told the T's I had changed the colour but they were all shouting over me (including a couple staff members) so it went unheard which is partially my fault but their fault for shouting so much. Truthfully I didn't mean anything of such harsh nature to come from it so I do apologize for the inconvenience

In short, server was rolled back, I was slayed and everyone continued to play the round as per usual, with me as a spectator. (Was going to continue to slay myself the next round due to the nature of the incident

Name/Steam ID: Curtis / STEAM_0:0:216552267

Sourcebans/ctban: Ctban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: Doing map secrets on CT - map maximum_v3

Banning admin: Anthony

Why should you be unbanned: I was cting on the map maximum, whilst everyone was doing the battleship (took about 5 mins), me and 2 other ct's were doing the boxes to map secret parkour. We did not use the actual map secret we were just doing the parkour up to the area but then jumping off instead of going to secret surf. I didnt actually use the map secrets I was just practicing, and I think I should be unbanned.

Also, My ban was only for 3 days (1 day has already passed) but I just honestly cant wait because I'm on this server like all day every day and cting is one of the best things to do on here. So I thought I should just get this appealed since I didn't have any harmful intentions.

Name : Guacamole Nigga Penis (GEMZ)

Steam ID : STEAM_0:0:462480015 -

Reason for the ban : Admitted to evading bans, plus toxic. you guys should be able to recognise his voice, it's obviously gemz and he's gonna keep ban evading but might as well try stop it.

Evidence : Sorry for the shitty quality video, hopefully in the future i'll do a better one.

First off let me start by saying i'm sorta new to jailbreak but i have got 155 hours on this account and maybe 100 on my old account so i sorta know what i'm talking about but i would like to talk to other jb players and see how they feel on this idea

this is my idea i'm open to constructive criticism on this idea  

get a system like redie(or something like that) because rounds are super long on domination jb and i think adding a way for dead people to practice jumps and stuff so when you guy you go invisible and can practice jumps without being noticed or interfering with the alive players  i will call this ghost mode for the rest of this post

problems i can see with ghost mode 

1 dead people would have no way to get from room to room if there is a door in the way 
2 may cause server lag (i have never owned a server so i don't know about this one)

ways to solve these problems

i have a couple of ideas on how to fix problem 1 

1 put the dead players in a different jail like have the same jail on the map twice one for the alive players and when they die they get teleported to the dead people jail so they don't interfere with alive players
2 have two modes of ghost mode normal walking around invisible mode and no clip invisible mode and when you die you can switch between them that way you can navigate the map and practice jumps and games
3 allow dead players in "ghost mode" to walk through doors

thats my idea thank you for reading

Name/Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:14047029

Sourcebans/ctban: CTBAN

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: Smoking Ct and then Swapping ( I am not sure what the "Then swapping" is relevant?) 

Banning admin: Gracis

Why should you be unbanned: To whom it may concern. I've been CT banned for 3 days and I wish to rectify it for 2 reasons in which I will describe below. 

Let me set the scene, it started several hours earlier to the forementioned incident. It's 3 minutes into an intense game of Dota, I am playing Monkey King, Hamy is playing Posi 5 Skywraith. Hamy starts taking my last hits, this isn't great, so I confront Hamy about this, Hamy proceeds to troll me about this and I get tilted so I abandoned the game because ain't no body got time for this kind of nonsense. 

Fast forward several hours, the boys are all having a game of Jailbreak, 1 am in the morning, things are laxed, we are all having a great time, including Jbreakfast. Hamy decides to be a CT because Jbreakfast wasn't doing a good job. I see this as a chance to exact my revenge on the creep stealing Hamy. I swap to CT and say to Hamy, I am going to smoke, Hamy proceeds to reply "Haha fine, do it." To which I then smoked him upon his request. 

Now, I would like to refer to you a clause in an assault charge. If someone punches you but at some point in the altercation you stated to the perpetrator "Go on then, hit me", you are unable to charge that person for assault. As forementioned, Hamy asked me to smoke him, Hamy also mentioned to Groocias that he did not wish for actions to be taken upon myself. 

Now the 2 reason I believe I should be unbanned;

1: My intentions were to get back at the creep stealing hamy, instead I am now further at the disadvantage to him and he furthermore has a 1 up, if you know Hamy, this isn't a nice feeling. 

2: Every since I made a complaint about Gracias a month ago, he has taken great pride in making my time on the servers difficult, making several dubious decisions that I am yet to collate enough evidence to bring forth the 3rd complaint. I believe that Grucioas gets a stiffy from making my life difficult and I do not wish for grauciouas to have a stiff from me. 

Thank you for you're consideration,

Name : Bondiboy66

Steam ID :STEAM_0:1:2438956

Reason for the ban : turns on ff on server 2 resulting in the death of many t's

Evidence :

Discussion: Hi guys mini mod here, as you can see the ct goes to boxing and turns it on when cells have just been opened. SMH my head  Dodgy

Name/Steam ID: Semtex
Sourcebans/ctban: CTBan
Which Server (e.g JB1):  JB1
Reason for the ban: War Day
Banning admin:  Taliyah
Why should you be unbanned: Its been 3 weeks and 2 days, and i am sorry for doing the war day, i have learnt my lesson, and it wont happen again, im also sorry for how i reacted afterwards and know realise how selfish and stupid it was of me. And im not just trying to suck up, im being truthful

Name/steam id: Trouch


Which server: jb1

Reason for ban:free kill(father dicky said attempted)

Banning admin: Father Dicky 

Why you should be unbanned: because it was an accident I didn't mean to throw a Molotov I meant to throw a flash I learnt my lesson and will always double check.

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