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Hey Admin, 
its me TasticAsstualt or TacticAssault. Today I went on server 2 jailbreak and I typed in admin chat ''any admins''. i  got a response in the normal chat that no admins,  i said to IVORK that I'm not dumb your admin so you can read admin chat. He replied and said ''magic'' after that a few minutes later i saw he was like hi default and then he said bye default, after that I kicked out of the server and got permanent ban. 

Look i don't know who this default guy is, i don't know if he/she has a microphone, if even they do the people on jailbreak server 1 know that I have a different voice that is if he or she has a microphone. Admins I don't know what is happening please help me. im new to this server I started last week. Yesterday I got my first lr, it was fun and so is the jailbreak servers, please help me admins i dont know what is going on. 

Name: TasticAssualt

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:502201453

Sourcebans or CTban: perminent ban

Which Server (e.g JB1): jb2

Reason for the ban: default evade STEAM_1:0:479485972 STEAM_1:1:495978554

Banning admin: IVROK

Why should you be unbanned: i dont know who default is, nor do i know why i am banned. You may ask people like mitan who i have played with that i have a diffrent voice that is if he or she has a microphone. i am new to the server and im still learning new stuff and i going so active you may see by my hours. please admins i dont know what is going on this is something very serious, please i dont know what the heck is going on!

is there a way to change your name or is my dumb ass called bloop 4ever?

G'day troopers

At the present time, If a counter-terrorist kills a rebeler alongside a non-rebelling terrorist the counter-terrorist gets slayin and the non-rebelling terrorist gets respawned whilst the rebelling terrorist stays dead. I do not think this is a very good rule because if a counter-terrorist cannot wait until a better time to kill the rebeler who is possibly in a stack(for example) it's almost intentionally making a recipe for bad news. This will also make it a lot easier and time efficient for the staff members as all they will have to do is res all the terrorists involved in the incident and will not have to check the kc or ask who was free killed and who wasn't.

Ch ee rs

Edit: To tie up a few loose ends with this rule, as another suggestion related to this one, once the rebelling terrorist is respawned they have exactly 5 seconds before their kos is reinstated. If the rebelling terrorist rushes a ct or steps out of line at all within the 5 seconds the rule automatically becomes void. The 5 seconds will start immediately after the terrorist is respawned. note, this is just a suggestion, please feel free to reply if your thoughts are different.

Steamid: 1065803

Ban: CTBAN 1 day false kos

Server: server 2

Banning Admin: Turtle

Reason for Ban:
Why Should I be unbanned: I accidentally called a false kos on someone when i thought you could if they were spamming chat. I was unaware of that factor and apologise.

Currently, the credit toss is capped at 10,000 credits.
I assume this is to limit the degree of possible credit exploits?
Anyway, my suggestion is to increase the maximum amount of credits able to flipped in one instance. 
Not to eradicate the limit entirely, but to increase it to a larger value such as 25,000 or 50,000. 
Understandably, this may be perceived as unnecessary... which it is... 
Despite this, I would still like to see it implemented in the future, possibly for V.I.P's only?


Name: JEFF

Steam ID:

Sourcebans or CTban: CTban

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: Smoking CT

Banning admin: Max Pain

Why should you be unbanned: On map Skylight, I was throwing a smoke into the pool locker room area when a CT got in the way, I did not mean to smoke CT it was for rebelling T's. Thank you

Hi there, I thought it would be a ''good'' idea if there was a server where only players with a set amount of hours can join, if they reach under the limit, then they would simply be redirected to server 1

Also I understand that making a whole new server dedicated to this would not be the best financial decision as some players will not be able to join the server and it costs money to run the server

Permanently ban anyone that says "cya mate" or "dud cts" unironically

Please sign below

Been an admin on xjb and playing on and off since FG looking forward to enjoying my time in this new rendition of Australian jailbreak with this seemingly never ending community.

I have recently been looking through the ds server website and have found it difficult to navigate through it, also there is a bug when you click some of the portales up top and it loggs you out? Huh

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