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Ill be leaving ds for the next month or so .Bye

Alright lets keep this short aye? now many may know me from DTK. Thats a for real poor excuse of a community.. and iv caused a massive shit fight there at times. and many know im 100% realist mutha there is...

Ive played on jailbreak now and then and always get amongst it with the boys.... add me on steam sling me a friend request on here we will see whats up with it. 
Would be a good idea for staff and creators to sling me a message too... 


Name/Steam ID: Donious


Which Server (e.g JB1): Jb2

Reason for the ban:Mass freekill

Banning admin: doesn't say

Why should you be unbanned: i was just having fun because i was the only CT and i told everyone to rush me and that we would play a game and i killed everyone.

is there a way DS could add a ghost mode just like the old Halloween feature that you get when u die.

server 2 is twice as good as server 1 
rise UP

Name/Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:462593985

Sourcebans/ctban: perm banned

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: i had cheats injected at the time on my account by accident and the console  auto banned me

Banning admin: Console

Why should you be unbanned: i made a mistake i was playing a hack vs hack server and got bored  and came over to jailbreak not realising and was banned instantly it was a mistake on my behalf the cheat is detected so its not like my plan was to hack on a vac secure server...

Thanks, Mary TMPA.

I played Jail break servers a couple years back and just getting back into it now, thought I'd donate $15 to you guys too cheers

Please add in skins it would be cool instead looking at bland orange jumpsuits Big Grin

Simple story. 

I exit gun room as CT at the start of the round. I watch the vent room when cells open with my awp, and watch them go to cage. We have a small CT team this round. I think, "I should get a m4 in case they want to rush me, as having an awp would get me killed." I go into gun room, see Taliyah there as a T, and shoot him. Easy enough. Then i get my m4 along with a slay. I'm confused. I ask him, "Why slay?" He says, camping isn't allowed. I tell him i just entered the room and shot him straight away, I wasn't camping or anything. He's mad, and respawns me, as T, and then slays me again. I'm laughing at this point. Is a mod actually this mad just because I killed him? Next map goes up and we're talking, he I ask him if entering the gun room is against the rules as CT, he surprisingly says yes. I tell a different mod the story. Says you don't need a new gun 20 seconds into the round.. Can't argue with that logic. I say "I'm sorry I wanted a different gun, I didn't know that was against the rules, slay away." Says that's a common excuse for campers and that if I do it again i'll be in trouble. Tell him that's what bad admins say (yeah its a bad come back idc), and leave. 

Is Taliyah known for this kind of behaviour? I'm still surprised at how he responded. 

Anyone that truly thinks I'm a CT camper scum that should be strung up on the cross, elaborate and explain how I am not allowed in the gun room. Whether I was truly going for a new gun, or had the intention to camp, I had just opened the door and saw Taliyah there.

so basically i found out that ct's aren't allowed to be in vents and camp gun-room as i was moved for checking vents for a bit but as a ct u don't want to let the terrorists to get guns so my question that i asked an admin was 'Ok so if i cant camp gun-room or vents what am i supposed to do to stop terrorists from getting to gun-room' which i think was a pretty reasonable question right and do u know what the answer i got was? wanna guess...? nah fine ill tell u so basically this is what the admin responded to my question 'there is to be no arguing' this is basically what she/he was saying and they said some other stuff i forgot but it was pretty rude response. so im here asking the same question since some of ur admins are just dickheads sry for swearing but i just cant find any other word to use to describe them of course not all admins are dickheads and so basically im here asking a question that i didnt get answered:
so what counts as camping gun-room and vents, and what am i supposed to do to stop terrorists from getting to gun-room if im not allowed to camp there, and i camp it untill terrorists have all cleared out of the area so what am i supossed to do to stop them from getting to gun room as shooting them from a spot technically counts as camping i just want to know ok? and if u have no answer to my question then just dont respond at all ok.

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