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Name: Dwee and Lemon.

Steam ID : Lemon's ID: STEAM_1:1:79226461 Dwee's ID: STEAM_1:1:10541

Time of Incident: Earlier today.

Server(e.g. JB1): Server 2. 

Reason for the ban: Both of them CT smoked me with full intent to team kill me. 

Evidence :

Name: Grusym (my little brother)

Steam ID(use to find):

Sourcebans or CTban: source

Which Server (e.g JB1):  JB1

Reason for the ban: Duplicate account

Banning admin: Game

Why should you be unbanned: i wanted to play jail break with my brother and when he joined he got instantly banned for duplicate account. i have also been banned off JB but this time there should be no reason to ban him. 

Name - Owopuncher98

SteamID - 76561198978348527


server - jailbreak1

reason for ban - i need to send proof that my brother installed scripts

banning admin - turtle (well what it says)

why i should be unbanned - because i can send as much proof as you want unless its like "have your brother hit you to prove that its your brother"

- OwOpuncher98

welp posted it in the wrong place, oh well

Name: Edna

Steam ID(use to find):STEAM_1:0:508601066

Sourcebans or CTban:perm ban

Which Server (e.g JB1): all

Reason for the ban: doxing ibrahim 

Banning admin: Anthony

Why should you be unbanned: its been at least four months since i last played on jb i think i deserve a second chance just want to play some jailbreak.

Name : VacCheater

Steam ID :

Time of Incident: 2:08 AM Nz Auck time. Round 10 8:20 (Wakka Trinity)

Server(e.g. JB1): JB 2 CSGO

Reason for the ban : Freekilling, false orders, ct smoking other ct's no orders, nazi until game is unplayable

Evidence : Watch demo of him freekilling people and giving no orders and delaying

I believe this to possibly be a false positive

Name: Zenith

Steam ID(use to find): STEAM_1:0:491084222 (My alt: STEAM_1:0:81817128) (My brothers account name is "Olive Garden", I cant supply the steam ID for that account)

Sourcebans or CTban: Source/Perm

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1/all

Reason for the ban: Duplicate account/VPN

Banning admin: PANEL

Why should you be unbanned: I used a VPN (NordVpn) when I joined JB1, It must of auto launched when i restarted my pc,
I got accused of being someone called "resh", I can join discord VC and show that im not this person. 

Thanks for your time.

Discord: Jacuzzi#9012

Name : h1dden

Steam ID :

Time of Incident: 7:25 Round 4 Watch demo

Server : JB2 CSGO

Reason for the ban : Free killing on gun check never said couldn't look around killed 4 people, me included

Evidence : Watch the demo and ask other t's at that time

Name: have nice day today friend

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:58608818

Sourcebans or CTban: 1 Day Silence

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1

Reason for the ban: "map secrets"

Banning admin: Yum Candy

Why should you be unbanned:
I sent T's to knife a vent on Revo. I doublechecked the rules and found "6. Players that reveal map secrets will be commbanned. A map secret is any map feature that does not have an obvious trigger/method/combination to access/activate/open."

Still unsure as to how a vent = map secret, but very happy to have this explained to me. Ta x

Name : Stainyyy

Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:67888470

Time of Incident: around 4 pm 

Server(e.g. JB1): jb2

Reason for the ban : killing people knifing vents although there were no orders also freekilled 3 people in cells

Evidence :

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