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Name: Mitch

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:28766666

Reason for the ban: Mitch attempted to defame my reputation with his slanderous accusations. Yes, I have all these mutes, but most of them are for playing music and other things off my soundboard. I think about ten of them have been for grossly indecent behaviour. Yes, I can be quiet harsh with what I say but my actions are reactive and never proactive. I strongly believe this is defamation of my well-established character and should be punished accordingly. (Australian law, "whoever defames another shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term with may extend to two years"). I also believe SJW's should be extinguished as soon as they are spotted.


- Hornswoggle

Name/Steam ID:

Sourcebans/ctban: Ct ban

Reason for the ban: "Ban evading"

Banning admin: Consloe

Why should you be unbanned: I killed 2 people then left because i was salty and cooked then left and went to bed. I was angry becuase there was no justice for me getting continusly frekilled on the last map. sorry I didnt rember till I realised i did it on my main acc (this is alt), originally complaied cause i didnt do anything on this acc. I couldent figure out how to log out of fourms acc and thats why im making a unban request on this for both my accs. 

Sorry for being a minge originally.
sorry for the inapropriate pic didnt realise it would get me banned


Hi I’m Aplicix and my gang has been glitched. When I try and see my gang it says I’m not in one and I can’t join any others. The gang still exists and I’m in it but it’s says I’m not when I type !gang. If possible could you please kick me from the gang or disband it all together.

Regards, Aplicix

Name: Hornswoggle

Steam ID: STEAM_1::0:23069991

Reason for the ban (evidence provided within):

I truly believe that Hornswoggle's behaviour is grossly indecent. He has amassed a total of 51 individual mutes (links provided) so far in the last 7 days. He has been individually responsible for 11.3% of the mutes given out to the entire player base over this period.

Furthermore, his usual ear-shattering outbursts regularly consist of racial epithets that any normal person would deem as grossly offensive. The frequency at which he uses these terms to demean other community members far exceeds any acceptable levels, even that of a casual Australian Jailbreak community.

As such, I believe that he deserves to be suspended from the community until he makes serious attempts to resolve his behaviour. I don't believe I am the only one who feels this way.

- Mitch

I was just wondering on how to make a Gang On JailBreak, because I’m still not sure.

I once delayed a round for 10 mins hiding in a spot I wonder if delaying is against the rules :/

Name/Steam ID:

Sourcebans/ctban: Ct ban

Reason for the ban: "Ban evading"

Banning admin: Consloe

Why should you be unbanned: Because I havent ban evaded, sure there has been a mistake. I will delete this post if anyone can provide proof that I have ban evaded

Im pretty annoyed because admins told me to shut up, when I asked for proof I was gagged

Name/Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:221204835

Sourcebans/ctban: sourceban

Reason for the ban:[SourceSleuth] Duplicate account

Banning admin: CONSOLE

Why should you be unbanned:  I don't know why i was banned in the first place, yes it says duplicate account but i only have one account and its this one :/  i don't know what else to say expect i believe this was a mistake and i should be unbanned. If an admin could please look into this and get back to me about my ban that would be great Smile

CT Banned and perm muted ( by hyphen)

Reason for the ban:
perm ct banned for pulling a massy and going on my smurf account when i played on my smurf, i forgot that i was on my smurf sorry Sad. also i was muted because i ear raped on jailbreak, 
Banning admin: 
Why should you be unbanned: 
I last massied over 4 months ago and muted 2 months ago, i accept that i made a mistake and would love to be unbanned so I can play on the server again, thanks!

Name/Steam ID: DANE-GER  STEAM_1:1:19484897
Sourcebans/ctban: ??

Reason for the ban: ct getting map secret

Banning admin: anthony

Why should you be unbanned: accidentally fell into the secret , once i got it i went afk to prevent me using it . 
wheres my warning ty


i opened it but didnt know what it did , a few ct's told me to knife the green area which enabled it? , theres been countless times a ct has got powers and they get a slay/swap? why is this case different? please care to explain?

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