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Name:  Hopsin

Steam ID:  /Hopsin_666/

Sourcebans or CTban: SourceBan

Which Server (e.g JB1): JB1 JB2

Reason for the ban: hacks

Banning admin: Console 

Why should you be unbanned: i was using hacks on my second account for testing bc the game was free at this point and i wanted to see how it looked and i was ban evading but that was bc i was denied and disrespected by some staff and i thought i whould never be aloud back so yea i have not been ban evading for about 2 months i just really wanna get back on with the bois please thanks for reading <3
btw hopsin_666 is my custom id [:


just to clarify my assumption, lets just say ts are on boxing side railing on freedom, and a dud ct goes under the railing and a t jumps off and kills the ct, it would be 5ft wouldnt it and the t will be free to go back up or what if warden says fall u die what would happen?

Name: Nufty.

Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:487493207 .

Sourcebans or CTban: SourceBan.

Which Server (e.g JB1): All.

Reason for the ban: Evading, Cheating, Doxxing, Giving away map secrets, And impersonations.

Banning admin: Turtle/Deandre.

Apology: Hello, I'am very sorry for everyone who I doxed; Turtle, Porky, Ivork, Dildo, that's all I can remember,  I'm really sorry for everyone that had to put up with me; ct smoking, massying and just in general of me being annoying. I've changed, And I promise to do the best I can, I'am very sorry for everything I've ever done in this community; Ban evading, Cheating, Doxing, Giving away map secrets, and impersonation. I truly am sorry.

Why should you be unbanned: Well there really isn't any purpose or reason that I should be unbanned for. But to have a chance of a unban you must have a unban request. I don't really mind if I have a higher probation or even a higher ban (months, 5+),  I really miss playing Domination Server's Mini Games, and Jail Break, as which I usally play, but what is most importantly is playing with the people on Domination Server's, Friends, and Newcomers. And the server's it's self is the best thing I've ever enjoyed in along time, I really wanna change from the asshole little kid who just says whatever without thinking first; talking shit, being a hypocrite, etc. But I hope that the forgiving staff of Domination Servers will give me a chance to turn over a new leaf and show my better colours.

  Kind Regards, Nufty.

Hey guys,
just wondering what is the discord link or the code please give me.
Thank you

.Similar to many bhop servers, a good command would be !style when on courses. So like legit easy bhop, legit hard bhop, low grav, auto hop ect. I understand this may be hard to implement as it may interfere with multigames but it gives the community a fun way to explore new skips

Quote:Name: [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.2)]♠ Ace ♠

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:458208719

Sourcebans or CTban: Discord ban lol

Which Server (e.g JB1): #general

Reason for the ban: Pinged ONIONZZZ

Banning admin: ONIONZZZ (I think)

Why should you be unbanned: I was trying to ping onionboi my freind who just joined but he hadnt jojnes and it pinged ONIONZZZ instead. woopsies.

hi how ya going, i can't connect to the jailbreak 1 or 2 server, it says failed after 30 tries or something ples halp and thank you

dw i got it, idk what the fuck happened

I think it would be more convenient than going onto the DS website in order to see where you're ranked. 

There are probably reasons that it's not implemented which I have not accounted for.

Nonetheless; it's only a suggestion, but would be cool to see.


I think more people would play MG if they were not playing course map constantly, most people get annoyed when we dont play course when we have lots of players also I think if they want play course maps they can go play a kz server or what ever

just asking a question. i have less than 13 bans btw thx.

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