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Full Version: Please Get A Ban On Speedy And Ciggaratte.
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Speedy And Cigarette were free killing me and other people please ask taken as he agrees and saw it happen. Just Check the demos and please ban them thank you.

Steam ID:

Steam ID:

Free Killing And Dud. Steam ID: also smoking cts

This Is My First Ban Request So i may have gotten it wrong.

BlackOps Idk the time sorry just spec them 3 thank u.
We need a map name and time or round please.
Hey, you should remember to follow this template.

Your ban request is missing valuable evidence that supports your claims. You have two options, record the incident. Or timestamp and link the Demos. Thanks in advance Big Grin
Harry it is not feasible to watch a 50 minute demo to find this for you, you also havent told us what server or what time so this is very difficult to find